Our founder has been saying Rise and Grind for years. Sometimes we get thrown major curveballs, resulting in staggering stress and impromptu outcomes. But we promise you we will wake up every day and grind for you. We've built a team that really cares about what we do and how we do it. We love elevating our partners and growing our collective skills. We don’t always claim to have the answers, but we will work tirelessly to help you find them.  We’re just a bunch of data engineering nerds that love what we do in the pursuit of your success.


Do you do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it? And then give a little extra.  There are a lot of ways to instill values in an organization, but for us we wanted to keep it simple. If we commit to something, we do our best to deliver on those expectations or reset them when necessary. We use this core value as our guiding light and often draw energy from it. Our culture is rooted in client satisfaction and an openness to identifying the problem so that we can find a solution.

How It All Started

The story is just beginning. Our founder started mOOkstr 14 years ago after gaining experience in data warehousing, business intelligence, and corporate performance management working for companies like Walmart, UPS, Tyson, and New Creature. He was fortunate to meet some partners early in this journey who shared his philosophy, integrity, and work ethic. The business goal was to create a sustainable, practical technology company that would solve unique problems with unique solutions. From the beginning we knew that if we treated people the right way, and did great stuff for our clients, we would grow by word of mouth. Fourteen years later we’re still here, and still growing.

These days, the mission is to introduce new ways of analyzing data that empower and elevate our clients to innovate, not stagnate. We are a company that will never grow complacent. We don’t take for granted that you have options when it comes to a data and analytics technology partner. But our clients, and the trust you place in us, is why we come to work every day and roll up our sleeves with you to help your business succeed. You, your business, your stakeholders, your data, your supply chain are all unique. Our job is to listen and tailor solutions to solving your real problems, not the perceived ones.

Our story is just beginning. What’s different today versus when we started is now, we have a team that is old enough to have experience but young enough to still be hungry. That’s a powerful combination.

Our Timeline

In the early years there were only 4.  We’d wake up early, take care of our business, and maybe sneak in a few hours of gaming.  No matter what though, we always took care of our clients.
As we started to grow, we got more adventurous and would seek out new markets, new products, and new services.  We loved guiding our clients on the discovery new data species.  Some terrifying, some cute and cuddly.
We all know how tough it’s been the last few years.  With the pandemic, the retail economy changing, and retailers introducing changes in how they do business, it has been trying to say the least.  One thing is certain; however, this team met those challenges head on and we’re stronger, more prepared, and ready for the next challenge.
No one knows what the future will hold but after 14 years of rising and grinding, this team will never stop working, never stop innovating, and never stop collaborating with our clients.  In the end, imagine where your happy place is and this team will help you achieve it.

For Nerds Only

Our founder had a mentor that used to say, “Take the work seriously, don’t take yourself seriously.”  We’re all a bunch of nerds at mOOkstr.  Each and every one of us embrace that for it’s the creative juice that fuels our passion. Feel free to look at some comic strips we’ve worked on over the years that will eventually lead to us launching a video game called Warriors of mOOklandia.

There might be a little easter egg in the Meet the mOOks section.


Swing By Sometime


Rogers, Arkansas

1007 N 2nd St. Rogers, AR 72756