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Walmart Luminate API


Walmart’s Luminate is a very powerful and rich set ofsolutions to help suppliers manage and grow their business with Walmart.For decades suppliers have been cobbling together their insightfrom various data sources and while Walmart and suppliers’ success isundeniable, the retail technology landscape is evolving and innovating sorapidly that new means of accessing these data and insights are necessary tokeep pace.Fast, accurate, diverse data driven decisions can make areal impact on your business. We at mOOkstr are beyond excited to helpsuppliers leverage these new datasets and very blessed to be a Walmart LuminateAPI certified partner. While we’re not affiliated with Walmart, having aproven track record within our community and a desire to simply help ourclients leverage their data has afforded us a unique opportunity to helpWalmart Luminate clients leverage their data successfully.

While data is getting larger and more complex, our resources remain flat as we are all being asked to do more with less. Furthermore, rapid changes in technology along with the effect that data democratization is having on suppliers is having a positive impact. As a Walmart Luminate Certified API partner, we have a proven track record of collaborating and empowering our clients to create meaningful and practical solutions. We invite you to learn more about our unique model and how we work tirelessly to elevate and accelerate your success.

We help you

We help your retail business


Too many retail companies struggle with using their data effectively and keeping up with ongoing changes in retail technology. In addition to providing timely, accurate, practical, and relevant business intelligence solutions, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach. We work closely with our clients to truly understand their unique challenges and goals. By leveraging our expertise in retail technology and data analytics, we tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring maximum impact and driving sustainable growth.



Let our suite of applications handle the heavy lifting of scheduling and retrieving data pulls, freeing up your Sunday evening to spend quality time with your family. Our clients start the week refreshed and energized, stepping into Monday ready to analyze data and make a significant impact.


We not only ensure the harmonization, integrity, security, and optimal performance of large and complex data sets, but we also provide our clients with direct access to query and explore their data. We build Data Models that empower our clients to create innovative and compelling analytical solutions.


You know your business. We know data and the art of what’s possible. While we offer pre-built Excel reports and Power BI dashboards, we also enjoy listening to your needs and collaborating with you to develop visualizations that present your data in a manner that drives your success.



Your business is unique. We go beyond simply providing a report and concluding our involvement. We encourage our team of experts to truly learn and understand your business, fostering a collaborative approach to tackle a wide range of data science initiatives to help your business grow.

Power BI Consulting

We’ll help you unlock the story, the narrative, the one thing that sets your business apart. Let us help execute your vision by providing custom Power BI report and dashboard development, multi-dimensional modeling, data analysis expressions (DAX), and general performance turning.

Product Development

If you have a creative idea, we are here to transform it into reality.  Our formula is simple:  Ideas x Action = Results.  We can assist you in custom software and app development spanning a diverse range of disciplines. Whether you need prototyping or require support in delivering top-quality software products, our team of skilled engineers are ready to partner with you every step of the way.


“mOOkstr has become a true collaborative business partner with Coca-Cola. Their capabilities, flexibility, and partnership have unlocked automation, insights, and creativity for our team that we couldn’t imagine were possible.  They have allowed us to unlock our data assets at speeds we only dreamed about.  They’ve been true partners and we couldn’t run our operation without them.”

Group Director – Sales Analytics & Technology

“The mOOkstr team has been instrumental in helping automate our data flow process, which allows my team to focus on insights, rather than data management.”

Director of Walmart Planning and Performance Management

"Services provided through mOOkstr drove process efficiencies and growth for our company. By automating daily, remedial tasks, time was able to be invested into creating strategic reporting and decisions. These services have provided us with a significant value, and we look forward to the business opportunities left to explore."

Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager

"mOOkstr is great to work with. There's no problem they haven't been able to solve for us.  It's always rewarding to overcome a challenge together to better serve our customers and internal team.  They are the best in the business with data warehousing and backend management. The automation has provided us the ability to refocus on what we are best at in serving customers and digging into the details rather than spending hours upon hours building reports."

President / CEO – Full Service Agency

The mOOkstr team is a great example of client service: they are quick to lend a helping hand and have an impressive depth of knowledge, particularly in navigating Walmart's platform, Retail Link. They are an invaluable asset to any client seeking growth and mastery in the retail landscape.

Customer Care Advocate – Digital Content Advisor


Internalize Goals

Our first step always starts with asking questions and learning about your business. We take all inputs available and INTERNALIZE your goals to establish a clear and unified objective.

Discover Solutions

After we learn more about your needs, business, and goals, we then work with you to DISCOVER the right solutions. And when faced with challenging problems to solve, we dig a little deeper because “unique problems, require unique solutions.” ~anonymous


Evaluate Success

Once we have the objectives and options clearly defined, together we EVALUATE the solutions and choose the ones with the highest probabilities of your success. We’ll make sure we’re headed in the right direction so you can use your data effectively to make informed decisions.


Act Quickly

Finally, once we’ve ensured accuracy of goals and solutions, we ACT quickly. We’ll execute the strategy, learn from the results, and optimize so we can increase efficiency and excellence. We then keep learning, rinsing, and repeating at a rapid pace until the objective has been achieved.


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